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leap of faith.
lici boo
i just have to take a leap of faith into my future. taking what i learned from her, how it changed the way i see the world, and just going forward even though i'm not sure and i don't know what's going to happen and i miss the past and i want her near. 

i just have to have faith that the love i felt will be felt again, probably with someone else and that's not a bad thing.
and i'll be more comfortable with myself and able to handle it since i now know what i know. 

and, eventually, the pain i feel with this loss will be healed with a win. 

not sure what's gonna happen. 
that's what the leap of faith is about. 
and i can't do it half-assed. i can't not believe it or kinda believe it.
i have to believe it all the way, as much as i can.


the pain i feel now will be healed with a win.


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